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Audio Recordings

In October 2023, Labor History Today's Chris Garlock went on a walking tour in the East London with the Union Dues host Simon Sapper. Simon took Chris to many of the sites relevant to the Matchgirls Strike of 1888. Enjoy this entertaining walk through the East End streets and savour some history.

Labor History Today is produced by the Labor Heritage Foundation and the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor.

In July 2022, just ahead of the launch of our anthology of poems and shorts stores, 'Feathers and Pennies: Poems and Stories for the Matchgirls', Simon Sapper interviewed The Matchgirls Memorials Trustees, Sam Johnson, Neil Jameson and Polly Creed for Union Dues. The podcast also featured poetry readings by Emma Purshouse, Eleanor Walsh and Debbie Rolls, There was music too, with Bob and Gill Berry performing John Prosser’s 'England’s Glory' Matt Hill with 'Strike!' and Hannah Kendal’s, 'The Spark Catchers', which can be heard here.

The special episode also feat, explored the legacy of the Matchgirls' strike on union organising, safe working, collective voice and women's emancipation and finds a "golden thread" linking then to now. 

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