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The Matchgirls Memorial is a charitable organisation, founded in March 2019, which aims to raise the awareness of the victorious Matchgirls Strike of 1888.

Full Articles of Association are available publicly on the Companies House website but key sections are the Object, which are included here for ease of reference.


The Charity’s object (“Object”) is to advance heritage for the benefit of the public, through commemorating the role and legacy of the Matchgirls (including their work during the London Bryant and May Matchgirls Strike of 1888) in labour history, through: 

  • establishing and maintaining a public statue (or other works of art) in London; 

  • the provision of information on the Matchgirls’ contribution to the advancement of human rights, equality and workers’ rights; and

  • any other such activities as the trustees consider fit to further the Object.

Under the umbrella of these 'Object', specifically, we will:

  • Raise funds to put in place lasting public Memorials to honour the Matchgirls

  • Promote the story of the Strike through education and working with schools

  • Run community events and activities to bring the story to life through poetry, arts, music and performance

  • Publicise Descendants' Stories


To help us promote and achieve our aims, we have Patrons and Ambassadors and our core team of Trustees.

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